The Happy and the Sad

Let me first start with the sad.

Oh….. My….. GOD!

I know barely 12 hours have passed since the episode aired, so I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. But…A little part of me died last night. Last week with Joan was heartbreaking enough, and what she walked in on this week…SIGH!

It was so tragic, and I couldn’t get a certain image out of my head all night. I don’t think an episode of television has ever made me feel so uncomfortable and genuinely sad. A true testament to how well-written and how human all of Mad Men’s characters are.

Anyway, on to the happy!

No new food stuff at the moment (though I did make yummy stuffed peppers on Saturday), but I wanted to share a video from the wedding T-Man and I attended last night. It was an absolutely beautiful wedding and the day was perfect! However, I think what came after their first dance may have been the highlight of the evening……

There was a mini flash mob! First, Rosemary and Tif busted out in a choreographed dance…soon, their wedding party joined them…Then, they grabbed a dozen seemingly random wedding goers to dance and this broke out!

It was so creative and the song was perfect. It was a great way to show their fun sides and incorporate their friends as well! I love how into it Rosemary gets at around 1:10. She and Tif were smiling ear to ear the whole evening!

It may be a gloomy Monday here in NorCal, but this special memory I got to share with Rosemary and Tif yesterday is what I’m using to brighten my day! What a great way to celebrate love and friendship. 🙂

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