Memorial Day Weekend + Grilled Corn

It’s grillin’ season, folks! I feel like Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer, and for me, summer = time to grill. Summer definitely started for me last weekend, when I went up to a beach house in Mendocino with my boyfriend and his family for Memorial Day. Then, I came home & broke out the barby to grill corn that I added to a Tamale Pie.

Here is a belated chronicle of the weekend in its full un-doctored iPhone photo “glory”…

Driving in the strange rain/sunshine that Northern California got doused with on Friday.

Our View, with a capital V…. amiright?

From top, my fearless boyfriend playing with sea anemones, a sea anemone devouring a crab (ick!!!) and T-Man’s step siblings + his brother and brother’s girlfriend also being fearless. We all joined them eventually šŸ˜› (sidenote: am I the only one who has always called them anenomes? I went to college and learned a lot, I swear… I blame Finding Nemo!)

And the beginning of our windy drive home on the coast.

So, what was the best part? Besides lounging on the beach, reading on the patio for hours, and spending quality time with the BF and his fam?

The BF’s Filipino stepmom graciously taught her stepsons’ girlfriends how to make lumpia! YUM!

When I came home, I spent the night at my parents house to do laundry (also because I still don’t have a bed at my new apartment!) and I went to work on something to eat for lunch for the week. All I could find to use in a recipe was black beans, corn, and other various veggies. I then decided to grill the corn and make a tamale pie. Though the tamale pie recipe itself could use some tweaking, I love my foolproof method for grilling corn on the BBQ:

First, remove several layers of the husk, leaving a small layer of 1-2 leaves covering the corn. Also, remove those hairs!

Next, pull back the leaves so you can butter up the corn a bit. Basically what happens is the corn gets steamed inside the husks, and cooks better. You also retain a lot of moisture this way!

Put it on a hot grill at medium heat, and rotate when nicely charred on each side. I would say it’s about 5 minutes per side, but it really depends on your grill. The husks will wilt up a little bit and you’ll get some char on the corn as well! Be careful not to let them catch on fire šŸ˜›

For tamale pie, you pretty much bake a cornbread “crust” and cover it with whichever toppings you want. (I’ve also seen tamale pies where it’s the opposite- cornbread on top)

I used black beans, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and the grilled corn. I also bound it all together with some hot chili flavored goat cheese, and covered it with just a couple pinches of cheddar!

I could REALLY taste the grilled corn in this. If you can, skip the boiling pot of water and grill your corn this summer! It makes such a difference- you won’t regret it!

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