My Favorite Food Bloggers

Did you ever have imaginary friends as a kid? I didn’t. I might have created personalities for my Barbies, but I never understood how someone could pretend they had a friend who wasn’t actually by their side.

Until now.

My name is Katie, and I have imaginary blog friends. Jessica. Lauren. Tina. Adrianna. Katie. All women who I’ve never met, but yet feel like I know everything about. I have nearly 15 food blogs bookmarked that I check every day not only to find new recipes, but also to hear stories from my “friends”. Jessica loves cheese…I love cheese! Lauren rationalizes her baking and cooking with jogging…I do that too!

Not only can these girls cook, they also often share smart and motivating philosophies about food and healthy dieting. Many of you know I used to be Food Network obsessed. Now, I prefer to read the blogs of fellow 20-somethings that I can actually relate to! Here’s a list of just a couple of my favorite blogs and a blurb about each one!

A Cozy Kitchen – Adrianna is an LA girl, and I love reading a blog that talks about places I’m familiar with! SoCal weather, famous eateries in LA…Adrianna’s got ’em covered. Not only that, but her food is so different than what you find on any other blog, influenced by her Latin heritage. Savory or sweet, she has a huge range of recipes!

Yes, I Want Cake – Need I say more? Just the title of this blog is amazing. Katie is a stay-at-home mom not too much older than myself who feeds her toddler hummus and sprouts. So basically, she wins. Her blog has opened my eyes to a ton of new ingredients…and also to delicious, quick, and healthy lunch ideas! Plus, she loves cake. Such a great balance of healthy and naughty!

My Life as a Mrs. – All of Tina’s food looks awesome, and is really easy to make. Win win! Plus, she’s funny and has adorable dogs. Win win win win. PLUS, her “Hubs” guest blogs from time to time to share delicious cocktail recipes! What a man! How can I convince my boyfriend to do a how-to video?!

Lauren’s Latest – I love looking at everything Lauren makes. Her recipes always combine super simple ingredients to make something fantastic. She also has a ton of giveaways for great kitchen equipment…perfect for a girl who’s looking to start her collection! Not to mention Lauren has an adorable little daughter who sometimes makes an appearance!

How Sweet Eats – My all-time favorite. Jessica is my kind of gal: she rationalizes tons of bacon and cheese on a burger by using a whole wheat bun, for instance. She is also into fitness, which is super important. She has an unabashed love of the 90’s, margaritas, and bacon…only the most important things, of course. Her recipes are the kind you’d actually make all the time, and I have made several of hers!

Check out these girls’ blogs…you won’t be disappointed!

Also, check out my Pinterest board Been There, Ate That to see which of their recipes I’ve tried my hand at!

5 thoughts on “My Favorite Food Bloggers

  1. You are so sweet – thank you!! Also, Jess is my all time favorite, too. It’s my life goal to meet her and eat/drink with her for like a whole month of my life.

    • Yeah…. that kindof sounds like a dream come true! Thank you for commenting, and I hope all is as well as it can be right now. Lots of thoughts coming your way!

    • Thank you to my #1 cheerleader! (You didn’t think I forgot you were a cheerleader in high school did you? :P) Now it’s just time for you to re-vamp your NYC eats blog! God love ya!

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