Move-in Week

Welp, we did it. A majority of my possessions are in my new apartment! (excluding my closet, because my new closet is about 1/6 the size of my old one and I just don’t even know how to deal with that) The move went incredibly smoothly, which apparently is what happens when you rent a humongous Uhaul and only have 5-6 pieces of furniture in your possession.

But the week is almost over and I’m getting antsy for the long weekend to arrive! T-Man and I are going to a beach house up north with his family. Apparently, beach houses up north are not like the ones in Santa Barbara. Apparently, I need to bring a sweatshirt. Oh well! I’m ready for a break from the warm Sacramento. And from talking. So enjoy these pictures from this week!

This lentil curry stew (with chicken, carrots, and mushrooms) was lunch for two days.

View from our front patio!

The first occupant of our fridge. Also doubled as payment for my parents and two brawny friends that I suckered in to helping us.

My teeny tiny room. And let me assure you, 3 days later it looks exactly the same. (i.e. empty)

First meal! Kogi boneless ribs from Trader Joe’s, corn tortillas, and mixed greens.

Another day, another load: backpack of clothes, Domaine Carneros bag, box of bowls from Urban Outfitters, computer monitor.

Best thing about new apartment: 7 blocks from work. I can walk home for lunch! (past this view!)

I went to the farmers market yesterday and picked up cherries, peaches, kale, potatoes and carrots. The peaches and cherries are SO juicy and fresh, I can’t believe it! Today, I made this whole wheat spaghetti with goat cheese and sauteed kale.

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend! Also, thank you for your kind words regarding my last post. I was a bit nervous to reveal that I had ever had “body image issues”, but I was very happy to hear even more inspiring stories and tips from readers!

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