Mother’s Day Dinner

Every year, someone in my family has a meltdown on the major holidays. Mother’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, you name it. If it’s an important holiday, someone’s gonna have a meltdown. Apparently, this year, it was my turn.

I’d like to blame it on the boyfriends-family-emergency I mentioned yesterday, or on the fact that I really missed him after 5 days…or on PMS. Whichever excuse y’all will buy. Let’s just say I was one scary sight to be seen in the kitchen on Sunday.

Regardless of that, I think I made a pretty darn good Mother’s Day meal for my mom. I sent her a few recipes that I had pinned and asked which ones she’d like me to make for her…She decided on Asparagus Soup and Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo.

It all started on Saturday night, with a bunch of huge asparaguses. Asparagi? Asparagus?

I used this recipe for creamy asparagus soup from Edible Perspective. Her original recipe featured goat cheese and goat milk…which I love, but my mom hates. I used some of this delicious stuff instead:

I discovered Boursin (and Rondele and Alouette) when I lived in Lyon, France, aaaand I’m pretty sure it accounted for 75% of my weight gain that year (along with brie, Nutella, and pain au chocolate. And saucisson.). So yummy.

And if we’re being honest here, a more realistic picture of this point in time would show  one half of the cheese going into the soup and the other half being scooped up by crackers into my mouth.

Anyway, I roasted the asparagus, then put it into a pot where I had sauteed all of this stuff and added vegetable broth:

(Wine while cooking = necessary to avoid holiday meltdowns.)

Instead of using goat milk, I added fat-free half-and-half after everything was all pureed. Twas delicious. Pictures of the final product come later. Just know that while I was making this soup, The Notebook came on TV and when I started welling up after 30 seconds, I changed it to something more manly:

No more tears!

On Sunday, I went to work on the Roasted Red Pepper Alfredo. I got the recipe from Lauren’s Latest, who also included goat cheese in her original recipe. Which meant…more Boursin! I liked that my mom just happened to pick two recipes that originally used the same kind of cheese — the common flavor really helped bring the two dishes together.

Excuse the iPhone photos from here on out…I was having a meltdown, remember???

Alfredo sauce simmering. Look at that delicious Boursin, ahhhh. Also, used that half and half again! That means it was kind of a low fat dish, right?

I love roasting red peppers. The more charred they get, the better they taste.. Plus, it makes the skins easier to peel off. So yum.

Not so great charred…. Broccolini. I asked my dad to drizzle it with some olive oil and grill it for a couple of minutes… and he came back with this:

Cue meltdown.

Anyway, imagine me blending all of that together (minus the broccolini)… and voila:

Delicious meal, happy mom, minimal meltdowns.

What did you do for your mom this Mother’s Day? Or if you’re a mom, what did your family do for you?

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