New Year, New Job Search

For me, a clean room means visible carpet and a bed with *minimal* clutter.

Well…my room is “clean”, Food Network is turned off, I just spent 30 minutes Googling myself in a last ditch effort to procrastinate, but I no longer have an excuse to delay.  If I ever expect to hear a positive response from a job inquiry, I need to not only set goals for myself, but also make plans.  So here goes nothing.

No More E-Mails

Unless I have been specifically instructed to do so by someone close to the recipient, sending resumes and cover letters to addresses like “” is futile and needs to stop.  E-mails are easy to ignore…me up in your face with my cute little UCSB resume portfolio and a friendly-yet-suspiciously-desperate smile is not.

This week, I’ve decided to make a list of state senators and any contacts that I have at the State Capitol who I will hand my resume to personally.  Yes, LIVING PEOPLE.  What a concept.

Do At Least ONE Job Search-Related Thing Per Day

I have spent endless days “searching” for jobs only to realize now that what I was actually doing was spending hours looking at job listings, making a list of cool-sounding jobs, then deciding I wasn’t qualified for them and that it would be a waste of time to even try.  The list would then get deleted and I would continue on in my daily dose of exercise videos and/or Barefoot Contessa.  Somehow, I saw no error in this.

From now on, I will only do things that are realistically productive in my job search.  Catherine’s Career Corner, a blog with job search and resume advice, suggests several challenging but doable ‘job search accomplishments’, such as mapping out your strengths and weaknesses, updating your resume, and making lists of the employers you want to work for.  Knowing that it’s in my nature to procrastinate on the bigger things, I need to at least make sure that the dilly dallying I do in the meantime, so to speak, is pertinent.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Maybe I should include my awesome Photoshop skills on my resume…

Most importantly, I need to stay confident.  Going three months with no job and only two interviews (for unpaid positions, no less) has me believing at times that it’s because I’m unqualified.  Sadly, I’ve had to constantly remind myself lately that this isn’t true.  I have a double degree from the #9 public university in the country (according to US News & World Report…yes, my UCSB tour guide skills are still in tact!), I have worked and studied in France, and I am dynamic, outgoing, and creative.  Any organization would be lucky to have me aboard, I just need to learn how to make myself stand out in a crowd so they can realize it!

EDIT- And if all else fails, I can just add something like “Jessica’s Daily Affirmation” into my daily routine:

In identifying these three tiny things that would probably infinitely help my search, I’ve realized how much of a lazy spell I’ve fallen into.  I’ve never been one to believe in making New Year’s resolutions, but then again, I usually have school to keep me occupied and motivated after January 1st.  Now it’s in writing…this year will be different!

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